Naukri Study Materials

Naukri Study Materials


1. Who has taken over as the CMD of LIC?
A) Narendra Mittal
B) Om Kashyap
C) BC Patnaik
D) none of these
Answer: C) BC Patnaik

2. Which Bollywood superstar has been named as the NBA brand ambassador for India.
A) Shahrukh Khan
B) Amitabh Bachchan
C) Ranbir Kapoor
D) Ranveer Singh
Answer: D) Ranveer Singh

3. Which space agency is set to launch the first spacecraft “Lucy” to study Trojan asteroids of Jupiter on October 16, 2021?
Answer:B) NASA

4. Recently Colonel Mamadi Doubouya has been sworn in as the President of which country?
A) Austria
B) Namibia
C) Guinea
D) none of these
Answer: C) Guinea

5. Recently who has been made the brand ambassador of Uttar Pradesh's One District One Product scheme?
A) Anupam Khair
B) Kangana Ranaut
C) Amitabh Bachchan
D) none of these
Answer:B) Kangana Ranaut

6. Where has the world's largest Khadi national flag been inaugurated recently?
A) Sri Nagar
B) Leh
C) New Delhi
D) Mumbai
Answer:B) Leh

7. Who has recently won the 'Andhra Pradesh Amateur Golf Tournament'?
A) Arjun Bhati
B) Saurabh Bhattacharya
C) Rohan Dhole
D) none of these
Answer: B) Saurabh Bhattacharya

8. Rupinder Pal Singh has announced his retirement, he was related to which sport?
A) Football
B) Hockey
C) Basketball
D) none of these
Answer:B) Hockey

9. Who has become the first Indian woman player to score a century in pink ball test cricket?
A) Deepti Sharma
B) Mithali Raj
C) Smriti Mandhana
D) none of these
Answer:C) Smriti Mandhana

10. Who has been re-elected as the President of the Producers Guild of India?
A) Anupam Kher
B) Siddharth Rai Kapoor
C) Rajat Sharma
D) none of these
Answer:B) Siddharth Rai Kapoor