Naukri Study Materials

Naukri Study Materials


(1) Who will host the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan?
A) America
B) China
C) India
D) none of these
Ans :- India

(2) Which country has test-fired the Inflatable Missile Detection System on a large scale?
A) Australia
B) Israel
C) Tajikistan
D) none of these
Ans :- Israel

(3) India and which country has announced to open seven new trade entrance and exit gates?
A) America
B) Japan
C) Bhutan
D) none of these
Ans :- Bhutan

(4) Which state government has started Jai Bhim Mukhyamantri Pratibha Vikas Yojana for the students preparing for competitive examinations?
A) Delhi
B) Karnataka
C) Odisha
D) none of these
Ans :- Delhi

(5) From which country will the idol of Mother Annapurna, which was stolen from the temple of Kashi 100 years ago, be brought back?
A) China
B) India
C) Canada
D) none of these
Ans :- Canada

(6) When is the “International Day for Preventing Exploitation of Environment in War” observed?
A) 05 November
B) 04 November
C) 06 November
D) none of these
Ans :- 06 November

(7) With which ministry has Flipkart signed an agreement?
A) Ministry of Rural Development
B) Ministry of Finance
C) Ministry of Agriculture
D) none of these
Ans :- Ministry of Rural Development

(8) Which country has launched three new "remote sensing satellites"?
A) Japan
B) China
C) Russia
D) none of these
Ans :- China

(9) Where is the International Seed Conference 2021 organized?
A) Rome
B) Paris
C) Jakarta
D) none of these
Ans :- Rome

(10) Who has won the “Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Prize 2021”?
A) Ajay Sharma
B) Amit Kumar
C) Naresh Yadav
D) none of these
Ans :- Ajay Sharma