Naukri Study Materials

Naukri Study Materials


(1) Who has topped the QS Asia University Rankings 2022?
A) Singapore University
B) University of Delhi
C) University of London
D) none of these
Ans :- Singapore University

(2) When is the National Cancer Awareness Day celebrated?
A) 05 November
B) 07 November
C) 06 November
D) none of these
Ans :- 07 November

(3) With which country India has signed agreement in the field of health and medicine?
A) China
B) Senegal
C) Canada
D) none of these
Ans :- Senegal

(4) Which country's player Sarah Taylor has become the first woman coach of men's franchise cricket team?
A) America
B) England
C) Bhutan
D) none of these
Ans :- England

(5) Who has introduced his new book "The Sage with Two Honours: Unusual Tales from Mythology"?
A) Sudha Murthy
B) Ajay Sharma
C) Prateek Sinha
D) none of these
Ans :- Sudha Murthy

(6) Who has topped the global leader approval ratings?
A) Putin
B) Narendra Modi
C) Kim Jong Un
D) none of these
Ans :- Narendra Modi

(7) When is the 133rd birth anniversary of CV Raman celebrated?
A) 6 November
B) 8 November
C) 7 November
D) none of these
Ans :- 7 November

(8) CS Venkatakrishnan has been appointed as the CEO of which bank?
A) Barclays
D) none of these
Ans :- Barclays

(9) Which airport has been declared as "major airport" by the Central Government?
A) Pune Airport
B) Sri Nagar Airport
C) Bhopal airport
D) none of these
Ans :- Sri Nagar Airport

(10) What is the position of India in terms of foreign exchange reserves with $ 642 billion?
A) Fourth
B) third
C) others
D) none of these
Ans :- Fourth