Naukri Study Materials

Naukri Study Materials


(1) When is Indian Air Force Day celebrated?
A) 08 October
B) 05 October
C) 07 October
D) none of these
Ans :- 08 October

(2) Where has the world famous Mysore Dussehra festival been inaugurated?
A) Telangana
B) Tamil Nadu
C) Karnataka
D) none of these
Ans :- Karnataka

(3) Who has got approval from SEBI to launch an IPO up to Rs 1900 crore?
A) on phone
B) Mobikwik
C) Zomoto
D) none of these
Ans :- Mobikwik

(4) Who has topped the Forbes India Rich List 2021?
A) Shiv Nadar
B) Gautam Adani
C) Mukesh Ambani
D) none of these
Ans :- Mukesh Ambani

(5) Which state government has announced to set up Anti Narcotics Cell in all the districts?
A) Haryana
B) Maharashtra
C) Punjab
D) none of these
Ans :- Maharashtra

(6) In which state the operation of Bordoloi airport has been entrusted to Adani Group?
A) Assam
B) Rajasthan
C) Haryana
D) none of these
Ans :- Assam

(7) The World Bank has estimated India's GDP growth rate to be what percent in the financial year 2022?
A) 7.8%
B) 9.2%
C) 8.3%
D) none of these
Ans :- 8.3%

(8) The Prime Minister of which country has come on a four-day visit?
A) China
B) Bhutan
C) Denmark
D) none of these
Ans :- Denmark

(9) Who has written the book called Arthashastra Gandhi?
A) Magnus Carlsen
B) Rohit Chopra
C) Jeetirtha Rao
D) none of these
Ans :- Jetheerth Rao

(10) Tata Sons has won the Air India bid for Rs.
A) 12000
B) 18000
C) 16000
D) none of these
Ans :- 18000

(11) Who has won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Peace Prize?
A) Maria Resa
B) Dmitry Muratov
C) Both suitable
D) none of these
Ans :- Suitable both

(12) Who has been appointed by Senco Gold and Diamond as its brand ambassador?
A) Kangana Ranaut
B) Kiara Advani
C) Kriti Sanon
D) none of these
Ans :- Kiara Advani

(13) Who has become the first Director General of the Directorate of Ordnance?
A) Sahdev Yadav
B) E R Sheikh
C) Ms. Sarita Singh
D) none of these
Ans :- E R Sheikh

(14) Which state government has fined L&T for dust control norms violation?
A) Rajasthan
B) Delhi
C) Haryana
D) none of these
Ans :- Delhi

(15) India and which country has announced to start the exercise “Ajay Warrior” in Uttarakhand?
A) Australia
B) South Korea
D) none of these
Ans :- UK