Naukri Study Materials

Naukri Study Materials


(1) When is World Arthritis Day celebrated?
A) 08 October
B) 11 October
C) 12 October
D) none of these

Ans :- 12 October

(2) The Chief Minister of which state has launched the "CM Da Hansi" initiative?
A) Tamil Nadu
B) Maharashtra
C) Manipur
D) none of these

Ans :- Manipur

(3) Who has launched “NITI Aayog – UNDP Handbook”?
A) Sucheta Satish
B) Rajeev Kumar
C) Artika Joshi
D) none of these

Ans :- Rajeev Kumar

(4) Which country's Amy Hunter has become the youngest woman to score a century in ODI cricket?
A) Australia
B) America
C) Ireland
D) none of these

Ans :- Ireland

(5) Nedumudi Venu has passed away, who was he?
A) writer
B) Actor
C) Singer
D) none of these

Ans :- Actor

(6) Who has unveiled the world's first automated driverless train?
A) Germany
B) Japan
C) Russia
D) none of these

Ans :- Germany

(7) Who has started the “Mentor Program of the Country”?
A) Narendra Modi
B) Arvind Kejriwal
C) Anurag Thakur
D) none of these

Ans :- Arvind Kejriwal

(8) Which state's Karupur Kalamkari painting and Kallakuruchi wood carving has got GI tag?
A) Kerala
B) Tamil Nadu
C) Karnataka
D) none of these

Ans :- Tamil Nadu

(9) The president of IFFCO has passed away, what is his name?
A) Yogesh Singh
B) Harpreet Kochhar
C) Sardar Balwinder Singh Nakai
D) none of these

Ans :- Sardar Balwinder Singh Nakai

(10) Who has resigned from the post of Chief Economic Adviser?
A) S Ramaswamy
B) KV Subramaniam
C) Anahita Tiwari
D) none of these

Ans :- KV Subramaniam

(11) Who has started the Indian Space Association?
A) Narendra Modi
B) Amit Shah
C) Sonia Gandhi
D) none of these

Ans :- Narendra Modi

(12) Who has joined as the board chairman of "Bharat Pe"?
A) Sumant Chauhan
B) Rajnish Kumar
C) Arun Kumar Mishra
D) none of these

Ans :- Rajnish Kumar

(13) Who has handled the management of Jaipur airport?
A) Tata Group
B) Reliance
C) Adani Group
D) none of these

Ans :- Adani Group

(14) Where has the first PM-WANI project of Andhra Pradesh been launched?
A) Amarabad
B) Kurnool
C) Visakhapatnam
D) none of these

Ans :- Kurnool

(15) What percentage of India's GDP growth rate has been estimated by "IMF" in F-22?
A) 7.8%
B) 9.7%
C) 9.5%
D) none of these

Ans :- 9.5%